Courseworks and papers

MSc dissertation

Bioclimatic and sustainable designs for post-disaster shelters: a transition from shelter to housing.

Norman Foster Foundation: shelter's workshop

Better shelter for NW Syria

Programming for architecture: C# development for grasshopper

Parametric modelling of a roof that responds to sun vectors and different geometry inputs.

Machine learning in smart buildings

Using supervised learning (SVM, decision tree and random forest), unsupervised learning (MLR, decision tree regression and lasso regression) and reinforcement learning to investigate the gas consumption of a building from the REFIT database.

Digital workflow

Occupancy-based control strategies of hospital wards

Examination of conventional plant control strategies

Building service system evaluation and development

Plastic hinges formed on beams and portal frames

Tension and compression lab tests for timber and concrete samples

Parametric modelling and analysis of caterary arches (Group work)

Precedent study of Kings Cross Plot 2 (Group work)

Planning permit application document for a mix-use scheme at 23-27 Victoria Road, Romford

Structural design - component sizing, ULS & SLS checks, foundation analysis and bracing design- for a 10 storey high residential building (Group work)

Control surveys, laser scanning and 3D modelling (Revit) of Here East auditorium